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John Brown and Isaac Buck

Made their escape from the County Goal in Litchfield on the night of the 25th of January 1772, the following persons, viz. the notorious John Brown, and Isaac Buck. Brown was committed for breaking open the dwelling house of the Rev Mr. Lee of…
Location: Litchfield, CT


Run-away from the subscriber at Litchfiled, a Negro man about 40 years old, Named Guinea, thick sett, of a middleing height, for four or five years past was owned by Moses Doolittle of Chester, has lived for some time at Middletown and is supposed to…
Location: Litchfield, CT

John Brown

BROKE out of the Goal in this Place, the Night after the 14th June Instant, the noted Borglarian John Brown, who was uder Sentence of Death for House breaking, is a short, thick Fellow, 22 Years old, has been twice crop'd and branded. Whosoever will…
Location: Litchfield, CT

Guinea and Larry

FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. RANAWAY from the Subscriber on the 28th of August last, a Negro fellow named GUINEA, about 5 Feet 3 or 4 Inches High, and about 41 or 42 Years old, had on when he went away, and carried with him a Brown outside Waistcoat, a…
Location: Litchfield, CT

Benjamin Taylor

Last night run away from the subscriber an apprentice boy, named Benjamin Taylor, about 19 years old, 5 feet 10 inches high, by trade a shoemaker and tanner, has light colour'd hair, had on a brown cloth colour'd coat, and jacket a pair of buck skin…
Location: Litchfield, CT

John Smith

RUN away last Monday from the party of recruits enlisted by the subscriber, one John Smith, about 25 years of age, 6 feet high, born in Hamsted on Long Island, but last from Litchfield, had on a frock and striped trowsers, a small impediment in his…
Location: Litchfield, CT

Ebed Meleck

RUN-away from Litchfield, on the 12th instant, a small, active, tawney, talkative Negro boy, named EBED MELECK, about 20 years old, speaks and reads English well. Had on or took with him a blue broad cloth coat, red plush jacket, and buckskin…
Location: Litchfield, CT


RUN away from the subscriber the 22d instant, a negro man named WILL, 22 years of age, talks something broken English; had on a red scarlet broad cloth coat, one old scarlet soldier coat, the buttons marked with the number 40, two brown vests, two…
Location: Litchfield, CT

William Emons

DESERTED from my company of Artificers, one William Emons, of Litchfield, a large stout fellow, grey eyes, short black hair, about 30 years of age, a Carpenter by trade. Whoever will take up said Emons and return him to his company, shall have forty…
Location: Litchfield, CT

John Welch, Nicholas Davenport, Caleb Austin, Jr., Ebenezer Reed, Nathaniel Hustead, Phineas Rundle, Joseph Beard, Charles Buckston, William Thomson

550 Continental Dollars Reward. ON the evening after the 30th of May instant, Litchfield County Gaol was broke open, and the following prisoners made their escape, viz. JOHN WELCH, a deserter from the British, an Irishman; confined for murder, short…
Location: Litchfield, CT