The Adelphic Educational Fund

Photograph of George W. Davison '1892 and Albert W. Johnston '1893.

Photograph of George W. Davison, class of 1892 and Albert W. Johnston, class of 1893. 

Photograph of Robert G. McKelvey '59 and William K. Wasch '52.

Photograph of Robert McKelvey ‘1959 and William (Bill) Wasch ‘1952. 

Key Members

As a way to sponsor intellectual growth of chapter members through public and educational activities at Wesleyan University, the Adelphic Educational Fund, Inc. (AEF) was established on December 14, 1944, and has since continued the support of intellectual and social life at Wesleyan. The AEF was founded by alumni, led by George W. Davison, class of 1892, and Albert W. Johnston, class of 1893, to aid deserving undergraduates in the attainment of a college education at Wesleyan, with a preference for members of the Middletown Chapter of the Αlpha Delta Phi

In addition to being a co-founder of the AEF, George W. Davison also made various contributions to Wesleyan University.  such as the Davison Art Center along with a donation of nearly 6,000 items for the print collection, the Davison Rare Book Room in Special Collections & Archives with the donation of his rare book collection for the room, the infirmary, and many other Wesleyan landmarks. Davison is pictured here with Albert W. Johnston and included in this frame is Johnston's ΑΔΦ member pin. 

As the years progressed, the AEF, along with the Adelphic Literary Society and the undergraduate chapter, faced difficult times, most of which occurred in the 1960s and 1970s. While struggling to keep member numbers up, alumni involvement with the undergrads, ALS and AEF board members active, and a balance with Wesleyan during a time of changes, finances suffered along with morale. Key people that helped the AEF, ALS and undergraduate chapter survive included Robert G. McKelvey ‘59, faculty advisor Jim Steffenson, William Vasiliou who served as accountant, Joe Swain ’25, William K. Wasch ’52, and Star & Crescent cooks Carl & Evelyn Kowaleski. Pictured here are Robert McKelvey and William Wasch, leaders who helped navigate the Chapter through these times.

The Adelphic Educational Fund