Star & Crescent Eating Club

Before ΑΔΦ was formed in 1856, members of the Betrian Society and the Lebanian Society dined on campus at the Chronometer Club. These two societies merged to form the Middletown Chapter of ΑΔΦ and brought their eating club with them. In 1878, the name was changed to the Star & Crescent Eating Club. Since 1885, the Star & Crescent has been serving students, faculty, staff, and visitors in the dining room of the Chapter House at 185 High Street. Logos for both these eating clubs and a comparison between an early and more recent menu are shown above. 


Alpha Delta Phi relied on local merchants to furnish the Chapter House, provide maintenance service, and stock it's eating club kitchen. One example is shown in the Star & Crescent's account book for 1907-1910 where it shows record of purchasing items such as cream and macaroons along with a bottle return tag for an unknown item from local bakery J.W. Stueck


Cooking class news release.

January 22, [1973].

In the 1970s, students had an opportunity to attend creative cooking classed held by Evelyn (Evie) Kowaleski, cook of the Star & Crescent. The lessons taught students how to cook “meats, vegetables, pastries, six or seven kinds of bread, … preparation of leftovers,” and offered some non-cooking lessons on “home management, food budget, and nutritional values of foods.” Evie and her husband, Carl, cooked for the Star & Crescent for over 20 years and left a lasting impact on ΑΔΦ members.

Photograph of Star & Crescent cook Evelyn Kowalski teaching a "Cooking with Evie" class.

About 1973.

Star & Crescent Eating Club