Chapter Houses

Print of chapter houses of the Alpha Delta Phi International.

Print from the Alpha Delta Phi International newsletter Star & Crescent featuring the houses of ADP chapters nationwide, 1881. 

The desire for the Middletown Chapter to have a house of their own was for obvious reasons: to avoid paying rent for the local Middletown halls they were using, to charge rent to boarders and students, to host meetings and other events in their own decorated and furnished area, etc. But there was also the competition among other ΑΔΦ chapters nationwide that most likely helped to move things along. This pull-out sketch from the first volume of the Star & Crescent newsletter clearly depicts the rising interest among chapters to have their own houses and the competition for the most efficient and ornate house able to be constructed at the time. Shortly after this sketch was published, the Middletown Chapter re-instituted its Building Fund for its first house. 

Before the Chapter could move forward with building its a house, the Chapter needed an entity that could legally purchase land to build a house on. The Adelphic Literary Society (ALS) was incorporated in 1881 to serve as such a purpose: to legally own, transfer and maintain property for the Middletown Chapter. Through the ALS, the first chapter House was built in 1884 and the second on the same site in 1904, both of which since 1884 housed undergraduates of Wesleyan, and served as a venue for educational, literary and musical events for students to attend.

Since the ALS is made up of ΑΔΦ alumni, it also works to support the moral and intellectual growth of its members by developing ties among undergraduate and post graduate members. The ALS is also responsible for the chapter's eating club, the Star & Crescent. 

Chapter Houses